Procedures for Listing and Updating Qualifications in the PhQuaR

STEP 1: CHED-OPS, TESDA-QSO, PRC- TTD officially submit to the QRegistrar (Technical Working Group Head) the formal request for inclusion of the Program Standards and Guidelines (PSG), Training Regulations (TR) or Table of Specifications (TOS) in the PhQuaR with the following evidences:
Higher Education
• CHED Memorandum Order of the PSG or the CEB authorization/acknowledgement for a non-PSG program
• Submission of the CMO to the Official Gazette or other dissemination agency
• Matrix on Alignment of Learning Outcome to PQF Descriptor
Professional Practice
• Table of Specifications
• Board resolutions approving the TOS
• Matrix of alignment of the TOS to the corresponding PSG and the PQF descriptor
STEP 2: The QRegistrar notifies the members of the Technical Working Group of the submitted qualification by concerned agency. 
STEP 3: The QRegistrar authorizes the uploading of the Qualification in the PhQuaR.
STEP 4: Third Party Audit and Certification of Development of Qualifications System in CHED, PRC and TESDA as implemented.