Procedures for Listing and Updating Qualifications in the PhQuaR

STEP 1: CHED-OPSD, TESDA-QSO, PRC- TTD officially submit to the QRegistrar (Technical Working Group Head) the formal request for inclusion of the following:

  • Qualifications with Policies, Standards and Guidelines (PSG) issued by the Commission on Higher Education through a CHED Memorandum Order, as well as programs acknowledged by the CHED Office of Programs and Standards Development for CHED-designated autonomous institutions, and programs without PSGs but issued authorization by the Commission en banc; 
  • Qualifications with Training Regulations (TR) 
  • Qualifications with Table of Specifications (TOS) 

The following are evidences or documents:

Higher Education
  • CHED Memorandum Order of the PSG or the CEB authorization/acknowledgement for a non-PSG program
  • Submission of the CMO to the Official Gazette or other dissemination agency
  • Matrix on Alignment of Learning Outcome to PQF Descriptor
Professional Practice
  • Table of Specifications
  • Board resolutions approving the TOS
  • Matrix of alignment of the TOS to the corresponding PSG and the PQF Descriptor
  • Training Regulations duly promulgated by the TESDA Board  
  • Evidence of submission and publication of the TR in the Official Gazette 
  • Matrix of Alignment of Learning Outcomes to the PQF Descriptors
STEP 2: The QRegistrar notifies the members of the Technical Working Group of the submitted qualification by concerned agency. 
STEP 3: The QRegistrar authorizes the uploading of the Qualification in the PhQuaR. 
STEP 4: Third Party Audit and Certification of Development of Qualifications System in CHED, PRC and TESDA as implemented.